the many faces of jude

Dan and I have created the most precious and hilarious little almost three week old in history. He is so funny. And cute. And hilarious. And sleepy. He loves to sleep. Except in the middle of the night. Then he likes to stay awake and cry and coo and hiccup and cuddle. He loves to eat, too. That's probably his favorite activity. If he could he would just eat/pretend eat 24/7. He has the softest, smoothest little body, the prettiest, bluest, most curious little eyes, the poutiest, most luscious lips, the sweetest little blemishes on his face, the cutest little inverted nipple, the most to-die-for rolls we've ever seen, and the white blondest eyelashes and eyebrows (he got those from his mama). He is doing much better at not going through several outfits a day. That's probably because we've gotten better at the whole diaper thing. He lost his little umbilical cord on New Years Day... big boy belly button! Which also means, real baths with running water. So much fun. He looks so cute drenched.


he was running his hand under the water

how cute is my little hyphy baby?!

long day...

We're in love. A lot of it.


  1. We are just so thankful for your blog and the gift of technology which allows us to see pictures of our precious little Jude on a regular basis! We miss holding, feeding, diapering and just starring at his sweet little face. We just have so very much to be thankful for! Thank you honey for documenting your family history, it will be a treasure in future years!

  2. He just gets cuter and cuter!

  3. Thanks Peach for the adorable pictures of precious little Jude. He's perfect. I need to hurry and mail his birth present. We're so happy for you & Dan. Relish every moment! XOXO

  4. Such a sweetie! Is time just flying? Are you going to share his birth story? Yes? :) love ya!