about me

i'm rachael &my nickname has been peach since i was a tiny baby. my little world revolves around the two most awesome boys i know... my husband danny& baby boy jude. my life is one of cheerful love and simplicity. i try to continually simplify my life of worldly distractions and focus on things of eternal importance. 

our dream in life is to live in our rockin' modern home that we design and live on a little ranch with a few animals &a beautiful garden where we grow our own food &spend our days playing outside& cuddling with our sweet babies. life is so much sweeter without the insatiable busy-ness of an ever-technological world. 

i know i can't turn back time and live in 1940 or live in mayberry (we love andy griffith), so for now we are toughing it out in a little apartment in the middle of town. we are working hard to make our dreams come true &are completely convinced that they will.

here i document the daily adventures of our little life, ohh& ahh at everything jude does, &talk 
about things that are important to me. a goal of mine is to work on my provident living skills and learn to garden, be more frugal, plan and make healthy meals, decrease the need to go and buy, and be as thrifty and one day, as self-sustaining, as possible. so this blog is also my journal as work on that.

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i'm from las vegas,
&he's from california.
we met in idaho in 2008.
were married in las vegas in 2009.
&randomly moved to alabama that same year.
oh, &we had the most perfect baby ever on 12.15.11.

i'm a registered nurse,
and he'll be a medical student this fall.

we are excited to be moving to south carolina in a few months...

we just can't seem to get enough of the south!

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