love halloweenie love.

we love our friends jessica &kris driggers because they let us come over &hang out &watch football and use the internet! we have so much fun. we are actually seriously considering getting internet service. it's kind of spensive though. we had our halloween date last night. we made halloween decorations for our apartment and made homemade pizza &breadsticks and watched the others [all movies of this kind give me scary dark feelings &i swear to never watch them again. but then at halloween time i feel it's necessary]. &we made caramel apples! yummy. except we were too impatient &excited to make them real so we just dipped them. we went tailgating at the institute building today &this nice man told dan he looks like peyton manning. thas right. we like to honk &yell obnoxiously at all the tennessee fans that were here for the game. it's our favorite thing to do. we watched the bama game at the school today. it was crazy &the best. bama won by a SQUEAK. the best squeak ever might i add. love to megan for her beautiful dress. love to spencer for missing us all the way from china. and love to ashley for her peter pan hair cut. and love to you for loving us. please continue.

our lamp is yellow &so divine:]. dan painted it &did a WONDERFUL job texturizing &such things.

here lies the halloween decor we made. shout out to ashley for the lanterns that we j'adore. their names are wingagin and i forgot. UGH i hate it when i forget. ps- i am completely obsessed with halloween/fall in general. festive socks/baking every day/cuddling and being warm/cold/wearing boots and big sweaters. my heart is full.

our cutest punkin i'm in love with that my mama bought me!! the best is when we blow it out &the smoke comes out it's nose &eyes.

here's the BOO blocks i made at relief society! i love them. the other side is christmas flavored &says JOY. how cleverr.

he was snarfin up that caramel in his cutest sweater from tel aviv.

that says i love you :]. how romantic.

that's us almost at this very moment. loves.


wool socks. punkin choco chip cookies. fall is fave.

Everything here in Tuscaloosa is dandy &well! We are in the process of starting our jobs… waiting for schedules via email, waiting for callbacks from rather flaky employers, mostly just waiting. But we secretly don’t mind because we get to spend our days watching movies, sewing, doing projects around the house, hanging out with our friends all day long, watching football, baking, etc. I’ve been sewing every day & I love it so much. I like to make copies from books at the library or find tutorials offline so I don’t have to buy patterns. And big patterns are too big& unmanageable for me.

Last weekend was homecoming weekend at the university. We went to a big bonfire the school does on Friday night before the game. We went with our friend Andrew and Kelly Batteen and Kris and Jessica Driggers. The next day Dan &I went to the homecoming parade with some people from the ward & the missionaries. Some lady gave us all energy drinks. The parade was HILARIOUS. We loved it/love it here in general. Then we spent the day & Kris & Jessica’s… the guys watched football and me & Jessica sewed [so stereotypical and the best].

We went on our first 2 fishing trips [2 days in a row I might add]. Didn’t catch anything yet, but we’re getting there. I sit in a beach chair and read a book with my pole out in the water while Dan puts on his waders and walks across and up and down the river looking for fish. We call it the compromise. Life is good. That’s all. We love our life in Alabama! :]


RM RN :].

alabama has been very good to us. right now we are at the school watching the alabama vs ole miss game. [dan is watching the game, i am blogging/facebooking/looking for jobs/looking up crafts/decor stuff online.] &alabama is winning of course:]. here are some of the highlights of our last couple weeks! oh, &i took my nursing test to become an RN a couple days ago &PASSED finally! so i am now officially an RN! thank you for all the prayers &fasting on my behalf. i am so thankful to Heavenly Father for helping me! i literally feel like he took the test for me &it was only by his grace that i passed.
dan made this for me for our fondue night! it was almost too beautiful to eat but we managed to.our friends andrew &kelly took us to the alabama vs. arkansas game! it was so fun! the town goes CRAZY at games.
right after we ate our big hot dog. waiting for the rain to calm down.
we sat in the student section. it was lots of fun :) they love to stand the ENTIRE game.
ohh... &bama won. of course.
dinner at cypress hill the night before the test. courtesy of mom &daddy jams! our spot overlooked the black warrior river. deeelicious:).
he got the seafood platter. catfish, mussels, shrimp, crab, &scallops. a LOT of food!
dinner the night i took the test. mom &dad mulder's treat! we went to mugshots &both got rib tips!
straw stach.
playing in the park. right after my test. right before our first trip to the birmingham temple!
this is what dan did during my test. went to three parks around birmingham and saw a 4 ft long, 100 pound CATFISH jump out of the water. totally made his day:).
one of the BEST moments. so elated with tears in my eyes.
telling my mom on the phone.
dinner to celebrate! on mom &daddy james. we at the mellow mushroom &had the best calzones.
continued our celebrations with a bottle of white grape welch's grape juice. mmm.
dan's certificate of admission into the university of alabama!
our new chair! we got new furniture with our gift certificate we got for moving into our apartment. all of it was FREE!
our loveseat! &the lamp is in the process of being decoupaged.
our sofa!
our cute little dinky table look so funny in our big dining room.

thanks for reading. love &miss you!


6 months. half a year. big grins &a happy tear.

my huckleberry fin husband and his wacky excited wife have been married for SIX months now. six months seems like quite a while, but also hardly enough time at all. a lot has happened. lots of learning and love. i think that sums everything up :]. my beautiful, very beautiful friend nicki wrote me a poem to celebrate. which alone inspired this blog entry [did i mention she is probably the most eloquent girl i've ever been so blessed with?]. this little pretty little piece welled up tears in my eyes!

Six months.
Does it feel like more? Does it feel like less?
Does your heart still flutter in your chest?
Do you dream of him and wake up to find—
a dream turned into real life kind?
My darling dear you’ve chosen well,
in bliss and happiness you’ll dwell.
Hold him close and don’t let go
for that’s the way two lovers grow