love halloweenie love.

we love our friends jessica &kris driggers because they let us come over &hang out &watch football and use the internet! we have so much fun. we are actually seriously considering getting internet service. it's kind of spensive though. we had our halloween date last night. we made halloween decorations for our apartment and made homemade pizza &breadsticks and watched the others [all movies of this kind give me scary dark feelings &i swear to never watch them again. but then at halloween time i feel it's necessary]. &we made caramel apples! yummy. except we were too impatient &excited to make them real so we just dipped them. we went tailgating at the institute building today &this nice man told dan he looks like peyton manning. thas right. we like to honk &yell obnoxiously at all the tennessee fans that were here for the game. it's our favorite thing to do. we watched the bama game at the school today. it was crazy &the best. bama won by a SQUEAK. the best squeak ever might i add. love to megan for her beautiful dress. love to spencer for missing us all the way from china. and love to ashley for her peter pan hair cut. and love to you for loving us. please continue.

our lamp is yellow &so divine:]. dan painted it &did a WONDERFUL job texturizing &such things.

here lies the halloween decor we made. shout out to ashley for the lanterns that we j'adore. their names are wingagin and i forgot. UGH i hate it when i forget. ps- i am completely obsessed with halloween/fall in general. festive socks/baking every day/cuddling and being warm/cold/wearing boots and big sweaters. my heart is full.

our cutest punkin i'm in love with that my mama bought me!! the best is when we blow it out &the smoke comes out it's nose &eyes.

here's the BOO blocks i made at relief society! i love them. the other side is christmas flavored &says JOY. how cleverr.

he was snarfin up that caramel in his cutest sweater from tel aviv.

that says i love you :]. how romantic.

that's us almost at this very moment. loves.


  1. this was the FUNNIEST post!!!!! almost random but really just sparadic and FUNNY!! i love you and your shout-outs to me. missing you <3

  2. You guys are having the time of your lives. Great for you. Just checking in to say hi.

  3. GAG! You two are too in love. Ok, ok, I'm just jealous because MY Mulder boy is never around lately. Enjoy the time together before you destroy it with children. ok ok, not true, I'm already ready for #5. HAVE SOME KIDS!!!! And LOVE the Halloween shizzle!

  4. You guys look like you're having so much fun.
    & those boo blocks are too cute!
    I want to make some!

  5. I just saw your comment from the other day.
    You are so sweet!
    I'm sad you moved away!
    Anyways I love your blog too!

  6. Rachael! You are such an adorable little homemaker! I love your apartment and your decorations are the cutest!!!