s'more please!

halloween &the week prior was utterly wonderful. it involved trunk or treat [&since i'm the YW leader i felt it was my duty to go trunk-or-treating with them &fulfill my calling]. the missionaries came over &enjoyed some hot 'n' naughties [daddy james' specialty]. we watched V for vendetta. always listening to led zeppelin in the car lately. they are our favorites. we went to hurricane creek with the batteens &the driggers &went fishin' & had a fire. we had tin foil dinners, which were scrumptious! &to my joy &glee... S'MORES!! dan & i probably had 13 between us. still jobless. it's okay. i think we're getting a little too used to it.

this is a sacred circle. no one is allowed is step on it, only the football players after they beat auburn. it was special.

this is the gang. we love each other a little. don't even bother that none of us are prepared for the picture.

should he be a POLITICIAN?? i think i'm a little intrigued by those shining white teeth. we had a press conference. it's no big deal or anything.

so all the members of the UNDEFEATED alabama football team put their hands up &touch the win. it seems to be working.

i think my eyes might be closed. andrew batteen is our friend with the hook-ups &he took us on an awesome campus tour! it was SWEET. we saw everything.

i presumptuously put my forehead right in front of his lips. i love the little kisses:].

we were SO winded by the time we got up here. too BAD we took the elevator &only had to go up one floor. that's the day i got sore for two days from two flights of stairs &realized i should probably start working out.

this is our best friend NASH. we love him so much. he is the most amazing, wonderful 17-year old person.

samson! no big deal how huge this dog is! property of jessica &chris koerner our cutest new friends:].

look at those faces! soo cute. that's elder durocher by the way.

these are our halloween costumes. we are so scary. freedom fighters i think.

halloween night! there was a full moon. and 6 full happy hearts with fishin, tin foil dinners, s'mores, &the most beautiful fall trees in our sweet secret spot.

the tackle box gang. we started a clubbb.


  1. LOVE your costumes
    HATE how good you look when you're camping
    NEED to know what a hot n naughtie is!

  2. a hot n naughtie is a drink with hot chocolate and PERO (a coffee substitute).. hence... "hot n naughtie"... with lots of whip cream sprayed on top in some fancy pattern:]. you should implement them in JC (adults only... haha).