november. goals.

i am sorting my goals by month now. thanks to my most creative &cute friend mikaela.

make pumpkin choco-chip muffins/cookies.
make mom's homemade rolls for thanksgiving dinner.
get a job.
make serious leeway on christmas gifts. [!!!!!!!!]
go hot tubbing.
don't gain that holiday pie/fudge pudge.
finish east of eden.
decorate second bedroom.
picture project for kitchen. [!!!!!]
paper lanterns project.
do lots of service.

dan is officially WORKING! tutoring the sweetest little kindergartens &1st &2nd graders that i love hearing stories about. he's worked the past 3 days. i am adjusting. we've never had to be apart since matrimony hardly besides an occasional fishing trip and i'm just not quite used to it. i need at least five new hobbies for my days at home. ones that cost no money since we are sKRIMPING these days. anyone have any ideas?


  1. Aw you mentioned me in your post, I feel special! :)
    That's so nice your husb got a job...but sucks that your still jobless like me.
    We sure know what it's like to scrimp...we ate lots of mac and cheese and oatmeal (not together ew gross) while we were in Rexburg.
    You'll have to let me know how East of Eden is, I never read that one.
    & a good hobby I hear is knitting or crocheting,
    I tried it and lost patience...but it looks really fun.

  2. One time Ashley and I made pumpkin cheescake, it was divine. But I maybe think my Mom was the one who made it and we just said we did for Midus... and now the story is warped. Your goals are lovely. You are lovely.