how poor are we?!

dan is extremely stressed about money &yesterday i had to convince him to let us have $20 to spend on each other for christmas presents... it was very disturbing to me that we were even having this conversation. so in order to contribute i signed up to be a babysitter at care.com. i hope someone will call me so i can buy a christmas present for my HUSBAND!! my goodness. anyone have any other ideas for a little housewife like me?

we saw joshua james (click &listen!) in concert last weekend & they were AMAZING! they were encored. everyone loved HIM. no surprise:). but we love him the most. he just came out with a new CD, build me this. "in the middle" is my current favorite. &of course "coal war" is our first love.

he had been awake for approximately 30 seconds. we love him a lot.
shout out to mommy for the bessemer thrift store SHOPPING SPREE!! sweater, compliments of.
look at the big california smile:].


  1. Being a starving student is tough! Hope that job works out for you. That is nice that you guys get to see both families this year for Chrismas!

  2. So are you and Joshua James related?
    I thought someone said yall were cousins?
    Or am I totally wrong? lol

  3. yes indeed we are cousins! he &his band stayed with us- it was so fun!

  4. so cute. [loved the bday shout OUT]. i love that joshua stayed with you guys. your so savvy with your hyper-links now [should you show me how? yes.] we're going to be seeing your parents over the t-giving break i'm sure (vegas bound is us). i love you <3