pre-thanksgiving pump up.

we've been real busy having lots of fun:].

we had a pre-thanksgiving feast with kelly &andrew. we played an INTENSE game of jenga, &had the most DELICIOUS salmon grilled to perfection on cedar planks. not to mention the shrimp &pineapple cabobs, baked potatoes, &glazed carrots:].
thanksgiving morning = turkey bowl. perfect beginning to a perfect day. check that boy out!
he hurt his hand &now it's huge &swollen.


  1. Looks like you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving Rachael & Dan! We have so much to be thankful for and adding another son to our family is something we are most thankful for this year! Sharing the great "F's", your faith, family, fishing, food and friends, they are what the essence of a happy life...all of which you are richly blessed!

  2. Oh wow those fishes look big!
    I've never been fishing before tho, so I guess I wouldn't really know.