i adore my husband. i just feel this need to post it for the entire WWW to have the opportunity to browse if they so desire. we just love to play together like we are seven. laughing and teasing all the day long [when we're not fighting, of course ;)]. but really. there's so much love in our little upstairs apartment. lately i decided to change my view &try a lot harder to not be so sensitive, let things go, & "just simply be happy." it has been working marvelously. i am amazed at how easy it is when i let it. why do i make things more complicated than they are sometimes?

we haven't gone to the store in a while, since we are mr. & mrs. skkrimp... so tonight we made sort of biscuit/scone contraption out of butter, flour, sugar, milk, etc. it was funny. we ate them &even liked them!

he dances with me in the kitchen.
he does crafts with me.
he won't fall asleep without me.
he plays me songs on his guitar when i ask him to.
he does the dishes after dinner.
he always thanks me for dinner.
&i know how much he loves me by the way he hugs me when he gets back from work.

just love him a lot is all. simple as that.


  1. sweetest sigh. im glad your little home is so happy. that is wonderful. love you both.

  2. You are the cutest little wife honey!!! I am so very thankful for so many things....and my wonderful daughter and the way you are living your life...skrimping included, just makes me ever so peaceful as your mama! One request...how about a picture of both you and our dear Dan in front of your little tree with the Christmas lights on! Next time your friends come over...You know how I am! Love to my sweet Rachael and dear Dan! Love, mama

  3. This is a very inspiring post. I should post about Jase during this short duration of me liking him. Seems to be off and on this year...haha! Mulder boys are great though! We did good.