BOSTON: downtown

Spent a day in downtown Boston. Ohhhhhh, it was so much fun! We went along the Freedom Trail, downtown, the harbor, Little Italy, Quincy Market, and then took the subway home and stopped by a baseball game on the walk back!

All of us on Acorn street! Scott was workin' those tennies.

The Red Coat!

ohhh those feet!!
We were too in love with this little pianist. He was adorable just playing in the park.

The boys went in some fancy college to change Jude's diaper. They were the funniest ever.

Here we are at the harbor...

Here's our yacht, My Trust Fund, oh wait... that wasn't ours.

Lunch on the harbor...

Ashley was eating this guy up

We made it to Little Italy after the Freedom Trail and were SO EXCITED for some pizzzzzza!!

He was a little nervous about the whole Subway thing at first...

Just maybe people thought they were a gay couple...

We loved for Scott to get so into the photography and take the blurriest pics ever. Cutest.

Downtown Boston was one of our favorite days ever. When we got home we sprawled out on the air mattress and couch, ate our Canolli's and watched The Vow. 


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  1. THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISS YOU! COME BACKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! seriously though... come back.