\ \ \ N E W B L O G / / / /

As you see below, my blog ran out of picture space. I decided to start a new blog, so this one is officially a lovely part of our history and we are moving on.

So creative, I know.

So update your blog lists because I'm blogging with a fury. OH... why have I not blogged in weeks or maybe months??!!?! Moved to Las Vegas, travel nursing, busy semester... I think so.


  1. I've been wondering!!!!
    So excited. How come you took 200millionfrillion pictures in Boston and two here? I guess you probably did take 200millionfrillion in nyc, we just didn't get to be there... uhg. oh well. i still can't wait to see the four we did take ova here. i am missing that baby jude. the pictures of you guys from the boston temple- TO DIE FOR!!! Those ALL need to go in frames. every single picture of the 3 of you is like that. perfect.

  2. so original.. i love it. but WHAT THE HECK?!!! i had no idea it did that!!!!!!! :/ :/ :/ is this going to happen to meeee?!!!! :'(

  3. I didn't even know this could happen!! it strikes fear in me.