can babies have insomnia? i was starting to think mine might. he has slept for no more than seven hours in the past 15 orr so, that takes work for a wee one of less than a month. he was up from 1:30 - 3:30 last night and then awake again at 4:30. one measly hour?! he's been up almost all day besides an hour or so we stole in the ergo baby. poor thing must be exhausted! we bought this cadillac of baby swings for our little guy with the hopes of getting more sleep. naive. he will be calm and content and as soon as we put him in the swing he is crying hysterically. as soon as we take him out... asleep. it looks pretty comfy to me, not sure why he's not too fond of it. hoping it will grow on him. i wish they made one in my size.

dan has been at school today so i've had to rough it out on my own. come early afternoon i was really starting to feel uncomfortable in my hygienic state and was dreaming of a shower. jude had finally fallen asleep and i had secretly placed him in his swing. i knew i must take advantage of my window and shower. i peeped in on him one last time and he was wide awake. this meant one thing. i had no more than 90 seconds before he was in hysterics. i scurried into the shower and washed off as fast as i could, then thought... oh! i'll just take a bath with jude since he needs one too. i ran out to get him, he was crying in the misery of his swinging papasan seat. i scooped him out and into the tub it was. he liked it. he's so sweet in the water. almost always calm and content. we were just finishing up when boom... bowel movement blast off in the water. i got us up as fast as possible (which was not fast at all) and held on tight to my shivering, slippery baby as i kicked the tub stopper out from over the drain. i ran into the closet with my naked, wet, cold, screaming baby to grab the puj tub so i could rinse off any floaties that might have gotten on him. i managed to figure out the origami fold of the tub with my free hand and get in the sink. the water finally warmed up, and as i was rinsing him off... spew! urine stream all over me and him, it even splashed him in his eye. (nothing makes me feel worse than this. poor thing. to my defense it's only happened twice) i rinsed him off, plopped him on the bed, strapped on a diaper and threw some clothes on the sweet little one. i put him in the swing so i could hurry and rinse myself off... thank goodness we have two showers because the first one was a little out of commission. jude was traumatized by this point. i hurried and cuddled with him and fed him and he calmed down. but he still wouldn't sleep. i was starting to worry about him. dan got home and  i had him take his temperature. 97.2. i have been cuddling him and loving him and he is finally asleep. i have gotten none but i am so thankful he's sleeping i'm not going to risk it by getting up and putting him in his bassinet. so here we are. recovering from a long day...


  1. you poor sleep deprived mommy! but that last picture just completely melts the heart!!! look at his sweet little face/lips/hair/hand/nose/ear. really all of it. so sweet & perfect.
    unsolicited advice? the lady i work for (who is a doc) used this technique with her baby (& it worked & i loved it) google Dr. Karp Calming Technique or 5 S's. It's amazing.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddRkI5wVIqQ -the video is fascinating, watch it!
    this is the video she had me watch.
    maybe it will help?
    love you!

  2. I couldn't help but chuckle just a little while I read this. When everything goes crazy like that you can't help but laugh. What an amazing adventure you lead now :] And Jude rubbing his eyes with his pouty lips...adorable.

  3. Nicki is RIGHT! I was going to comment about that DVD. We bought it at Target when Jovie was two months old and it was the ONLY way we got her to sleep. It's called The Happiest Baby on the Block (get the DVD not the book). I wish we had gotten it sooner!! It's totally cheezy but it works. We were so desperate to get her to sleep. We also bought a white noise CD that we play in her room while she's sleeping to help drown out other sounds. Hope that helps!

  4. nicki IS right!! we have been doing the 5 S's nonstop for the past almost 24 hours! last night was the best night i've had with him in a long time. he fell asleep so fast. oh, sigh... thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. I'm glad to hear it's getting a little better. Any progress talking him into the swing?

    1. He likes it sometimes. Definitely not as much as I wish! He will rarely fall asleep in it. If he is already sound asleep he'll swing in it, but it usually makes him cry if he's not already asleep! Hopefully it will continue to grow on him. :)