south carolina here we come

nothing is more precious than my little less-than-a-month old laying in his little bassinet at 3:40 in the morning, just looking around, cooing, yawning, flapping his arms through the air, and hiccuping. what a well-behaved little prince. although i surely wouldn't mind if he fell asleep. i am used to being awake all night with him. it's his favorite time of the day. daytime is for sleeeping, silly. it is rare that he will just lay in that little bassinet and be content. we have a swing in the mail! hopeful that it will arrive today and i can get a little more sleep. i usually strap him into the ergo baby and walk with him/rock him for an hour or two until he is (supposedly) sound asleep and then i very carefully unstrap the ergo and put him in his bassinet. if i make a premature transfer he will wake up and we start over. we are in the process right now!

we arrived home from south carolina last night! my sweet dan had an interview for medical school! (VCOM). my goodness. how mature are we?! i am so proud of him. sooo proud. proud as punch. buttons popping off my shirt proud. we left on monday morning and took the six hour trek north. we enjoyed our stop at the chick-fil-a dwarf house half-way there in atlanta. we arrived in the afternoon and checked into our nice little hotel. we then found the campus, made a quick walmart stop and looked at a few houses to get a feel for the area. the sun went down far too fast so we went back to the hotel for some hors d'oeuvres  and drinks and then settled into our plush king-sized bed and watched the national championship. ROLL TIDE! we smoked LSU. it was so much fun. we got to sleep way too late. i spent the night trying to keep jude content and keep the crying to a minimum so dan could get a good night's rest. good luck. jude and i slept for about two hours that night. he's a little night owl.

he owns our hearts.

he is so precious. i just looked down at him in my little ergo baby and he is smiling with his precious blue eyes rolling back in his head. i can hear the quiet lull of his erratic breathing with the occasional sigh. california smile he got from his daddy. he smiles when he is falling asleep. i'm in love.

morning came all too soon and dan got all spiffy for his interview. he looked so sharp in his charcoal grey suit and power tie. bagel for breakfast, practicing interview questions on the way, and off he was. i'm so proud of my man. jude had his longest cry yet on the way back to the hotel. first time being alone in the back seat, not fun. we got our check-out time extended, took a fabulous nap, and got cleaned up and packed up.

before we knew it we were picking dan up and it was time to head home. his inteview was from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and included three 30 minute interviews, lunch, a tour of campus and spartanburg, and a few other presentations. he feels really good about the interview. we will find out their decision a week from thursday!!  it's been amazing to see where life takes us. we think we are making plans but we are, thankfully, at the will of our Heavenly Father. we are excited to see where life takes us next.

our ride home was long and rainy. jude slept the entire way (explains why we are awake right now), but he did great. he loves his plush little maxi cosi seat. we took a little detour in atlanta, sang our hearts out to hey jude and wicked, and had some nice chats on the phone. overall, a very successful trip!

ps- what i learned about bringing a baby on a trip: 7 outfits is not enough. i thought i was overdoing it and bringing way too many. wrong. he got the spat upon gown PJ treatment the whole way home.

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