lil burpy

He does not like being burped...

when he's not done eating. He looves that milk.

He had an afro today. Best baby fuzzy fro I've ever seen. He has soo much hair!

Round full tummy. Happy baby.


  1. DANIEL!!!! Sometimes he looks so much like him. I love it. I love that he has your pretty hair.

  2. How did you get so lucky to have a baby with so much hair?

  3. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! I just love all that hair. I'm sad you're not on Facebook anymore. I saw a post from you in class and realized we're in the same class again this semester, so that's fun! Hope all is going well with balancing school and new-mommyhood!

    1. Thank you!!! When are you due? How are you balancing school and mommyhood AND pregnancy?! Are you feeling any better? I am doing well! Thankfully I'll be off work for another month.

  4. Such cute pictures. I sent the box last week, but I don't know if or when you will get it. I think I put #83 instead of #8B. I hope you get it. Email me and let me know when you get the box. Thanks.

  5. ahh haha!! he is sooo cute! i dont know why but this didn't show up on my news feed! hmm. well, either way, i love this so much. haaa!

  6. He is really just too much. I love that face!