shabbat shalom!

Saturday was one of the most exhausting days yet. I worked at the hospital from 11:40 pm to 8:15 am doing a clinical with my nursing supervisor. I am not going back to work for another month, but I am in a leadership class for my bachelor's degree. I chose to do it on a Friday so Dan could help take care of Jude the next day while I slept. But then there was a tornado in Birmingham and they needed him to help with clean-up. So, he left at 6:30 and our sweet friend, Aly, came over and watched Jude for a couple hours between when Dan left and I got home. Jude was asleep when I got home (and he smiled really big at me when I came over and peeked at him) so I slept for a little less than two hours, then he woke up, ate, burped, fussed, etc, etc. Finally got him to sleep and he slept for... an hour and a half. Ate, burped, fussed, etc, etc, finally got back to sleep and slept for... forty-five minutes. I was basically a zombie by this point because I had only slept for four in the past thirty hours. I can't do that. Dan finally got home at 5:45 to a messy house and a hungry, exhausted, emotional, and grumpy wife.

I saw this sign at someone's desk while I was at the hospital and I absolutely love it. So great.

Life is back to normal today and I am so glad. I finally got some sleep and went to sacrament meeting when I woke up. When I got home Dan had cleaned up the cochinera of an apartment we lived in and it has been a wonderful day since! We are skyping with family and relaxing in our PJ's. Dan just made homemade cheesy potato bread and broccoli chicken divan is in the oven, both made with an ingredient I am very proud of... breast milk. Way to be organic and all-natural over here. We ran out of normal milk, but it works! If it's good enough for Jude, it's good enough for us. He sure seems to like it!

Jude is all dressed for the Sabbath in the shirt his Aunt Krissy made him :)

I received a package yesterday from Caroline Craven, Nicki's mom, and I am sooo oooh excited about it! She had seen that Jude was having a hard time sleeping and she sent me some essential oils and homemade soap for him! I am so, so excited. I have been wanting to try natural fixes for Jude before resorting to medication. Thank you soo much Sister Craven for thinking of me and all the soap and oils! She makes all her own all-natural, chemical-free soaps and sells them for a very reasonable price... check them out here!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to hear how the oils and soaps work for you. It's such a battle to figure out what it is...a growth spurt, discomfort, a cold, etc. etc. etc. P.S. When can we play again?

  2. i love it a little/a lot that you are eating your own breastmilk!!!!!!! it's the most absurd but most delightful idea. i love it &you.

  3. Just the Cutest little boy properly attired in his Sabbath white shirt and tie!!!