two weeks!

We treated Jude's jaundice with an intense feeding regimen and he is all better! Thank goodness. :) Mary, my lactation consultant, was right when she said we'd have a new baby by the weekend. He is so much more awake and alert now. It's more work but also so much more fun. We had another consultation yesterday and he is up to 9 pounds 1 ounce! You go baby. I absolutely idolize my lactation consultant. She is an angel on earth. The best news of all... he is breastfeeding again! We are still adjusting and figuring it out. But I am soo happy (understatement). Pumping every two to three hours gets old. But the real reason is because I want to breastfeed! Not only is it more convenient, it's important to me. It is the way God meant for us to be and I want that special bond with my sweet baby.

We had his two week appointment with the pediatrician today. She said "keep doing whatever you're doing because you're doing a great job." She said he looked great and healthy. She was impressed that he has gained so much weight and said now we can let him wake us up at night instead of waking him up every three hours to eat. Woah! This is a major landmark.

We love our boy. I wish I could figure out a stronger word than love. It feels like so much more than I could never explain in words. He is getting to be more fun every day. We are just so entertained by his hilarious faces and his eternal cuteness. He makes life so much more fun and full. I love always having him with me. I wish we could sleep together and cuddle all night. I just adore my two boys. Dan is such a sweet father. It has been so nice having him be off school for Christmas because we just get to be together every day!

Dan's mom just landed at the Birmingham airport... Jude is excited to meet his other Grandma!


  1. Send me your lactation consultant! I've had sooo many with each of my kids. With Pearce I had to go to Flagstaff (an hour each way) at least twice a week to see mine and pumping every 3-4 hours for 2 weeks got old...I had to hand express (I don't let down to a pump) every HOUR for 4 months. It got so old and I cried and cried because when he nursed, my boob ripped off and scabbed, and of coarse with hand expressing, there's no bond at all....just better milk for the baby. Gross I know...but that's how it was with 3 of my 4. Boston was cake. Don't know why. PRAYING this next/last one is too. I'm glad you got it figured out. your pictures are making me SO baby hungry. I hate waiting. 8 more long weeks!!!! ugh!!! LIssy and I were just talking about how you've set the cute bar very high. He's perfect!!!!

  2. He is too, too, too cute. And what a fun onesie!