merry christmas!

We have had a lovely first Christmas together! Just us three. :)

Clam chowder, king crab legs, and sushi for Christmas Eve dinner

Cuddle time :)

My two handsome boys

Jude's Plastibell came off on Christmas.Now that's a good Christmas present!

Ohhh, I'm in love with those lips, double chin, and arm rolls! We just can't get over his cuteness at bath time.

Merry Christmas!

Dan, Rachael, and Jude


  1. Rachael Mulder James!!!! Did you and Dan make the most beautiful little baby?!?! You did. My Mom & I just goo-ed and gaa-ed over the pictures of him. "I want a baby around!" (her words). He is so sweet. I wish I could hold him. What a perfect Christmas, I imagine there is such a quiet (except when he's crying) tender spirit in your home now. XO

  2. What a beautiful little boy you have there. He is so cute. I made a batch of soap for you. As soon as it is ready I will send it, but I need an address. Congrats to you and Dan. He's a keeper for sure. Glad you got the nursing distress thing figured out and happy to hear he is eating as he should. Nicki had jaundice when she was born the doc just told us to put her by a window and it cleared up asap.

  3. just you three is all you need!