one more night....


of work.

could my joy be any more full? i think not. i keep imagining the moment when those large automatic doors open, the cool chill and misty air hits my smiling face and i walk away from the hospital.

never to look back.

until i go back to deliver the baby at least. maybe a week. but i will be the patient! i will be bringing a precious new human life into the world! and my joy will be even more full than i can even fathom at this little moment in my life.

speaking of life, it's wonderful. and happy. my sweet danny seem to be more in love every day. i can only imagine and dream of what the coming years will bring. whatever it is, i'm ready and i know we can make it through together. as long as i'm with him i will love life. i love that our life is one big adventure that we are going on together.

our stroller pram came in the mail yesterday!!! and two of our precious diapers!! we are cloth diapering, bumGenius style. i'm thrilled about it. last night we watched the polar express and sipped some delicious hot chocolate by the glow of the Christmas tree. it was lovely.

that's all for now... i will keep you posted!


  1. oooh, those diapers look great, where did you order? We've gotta get some for the new baby. The ones we use on Pearce are too big, and they are stupid velcro, so they're starting to wear out. Enjoy your time off!!!! Especially when that little guy gets here!!!!!!

  2. Good luck and congratulations!

  3. FREEDOM!!!!!!! i can't wait for you to be done. nesting time is ON like DONKEY KONG.

  4. I love that you are cloth diapering, you can teach me about it when our babies come. The end is in sight!!!how great it must feel. Have fun with your parents out. OOOHHH, and your brand new fesh from heaven baby that will soon be arriving!

  5. You should be about 9 hours (or so) from leaving work. Hurray! I'm so happy for you.