Well, I successfully completed my last night of work! Walking out of those wide automatic doors at 7:27 was everything I had anticipated. The cool chill nestled up to my face that had the biggest grin on it. I felt silly as people walked by and I was just the giddiest little girl. I was literally giggling as I walked away. Such a wonderful feeling.

It was only a few short hours before Dan and I returned to the hospital, this time for our last appointment with Dr. Smith before the due date! I was feeling a little emotional and nervous. Dan was feeling a little tired and grumpy. But of course we both had the biggest smiles on our faces when Dr. Smith walked in.

OHH... did I mention the baby's heart rate?


He knew I needed that. Did I mention how many pounds I have gained?


It's the best. I love my doctor because he doesn't even mention it anymore. My blood pressure was 


A tad higher than usual due to my anxiety and that I had just stepped off the scale... but still healthy as can be, thank goodness. Dan and I sat down in subwaiting and he asked, "How much do you weigh?" I started to cry. The doctor was so proud that was I continuing to progress. I am already dilated to 


Go us (me&baby). The next seven can feel free to come this easy. Dr. Smith thinks that I will have the baby on Monday or Tuesday, but not before Saturday (when my mommy & daddy get into town!) Baby is being so cooperative. Such a good little boy. Only a few more days and we will get to see that precious little face... oh my goodnesssssssss.


  1. You may have gained 40 pounds but it looks like you've gained 4. Seriously I never would have known. And it really doesn't matter anyway because your little babe will suck it right out of you. It's the best. Reading all this makes me miss being pregnant! It was so fun. I didn't know you were going to stop working. Being a stay at home Mom is THE BEST. You will be amazing!

  2. Yay for a last day of work!! Will you go back after 3 months? Or do you plan to stay home? I gained 40 lbs with my first 2 pregnancies too. It'll come off quickly, no worries!! That's great you're dilated to a 3. I never made it that far at any of my appointment, whoohoo!!!

  3. OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm dying. i'm DYDYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are going to have a BABY next WEEK!!!!!!!!! woah. i can't even handle it. in like days. DAYS I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!! i'm so sure the baby's heartrate was 143!!!!!!!! so perfect. he just had to let you know a little before he came out. 40 pounds!!!!! i was so bamboozled/elated when i read that. so healthy. you go mama with 3 cm dialated already!!! and NEST!! yay no more work!!!!! so happy for you to be FREEEEEEE!!!! I'M FREEEEEE!!!!!!! (what about bob) i love you.

  4. um, we're super close. Almost the same blood pressure, I'm a tad bit lower. I go lower than usual when I'm pg. Heart rate 150, and I've gained 32....but I'm ONLY 28 weeks!! haha! you're awesome. Can't wait! SEriously!

  5. Rachel! I just realized you had a blog and hope you dont mind I added you to my list! This is a little late but congrats on you guys having a baby soon! So exciting! Hope everything goes as planned!! :)

  6. Wow. Is that normal to work that close to your pregnancy!? You must be superwoman. We're excited for you!