you go baby.

Proud parent moment #268,540: Jude rolled over tonight! First to right side then to the left. We were so happy and proud. Cheering and oohing and aahing and chanting and squeeling and rooting on and applauding and kissing and loving. Such a cute thang. He was holding his head up so high and arching his neck back so much. He is so precious and wonderful and strong! Oh, we love our boy. He was totally exhausted from the workout and crashed after a little snack. We got the second roll on video. :)

Mom is here with us, loving and helping. It's divine.

We went to South Carolina over the weekend to find a HOUSE! A house! A real live grown-up house. Oh, the joys.

We played bocce ball tonight in a field. So fun.

So much love over here. Life is good.


  1. i can't wait to see him roll over in real LIFE in a little over a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!