on grandma.

More on mama. and grandma. what a joyful  bliss she is to have around. i had been so, so excited to have her here for 1.5 weeks. it met my expectations and surpassed them!

we went to South Carolina on a house hunt and made a new friend in Bill Still. (Dan couldn't come due to school, boo!)

we looked at lots of houses. some rickety, some new. some seventies, some blue!

lots of hotel breakfast, stashed away for lunch too. we also went to a mexican restaurant. the only mexican restaurant in boiling springs. how cute is that?

lots of navigating using the iPhone map and finding our way around new places. (3600 parris bridge rd?!) like ATL without one wrong turn! go us!

we had a photo shoot of jude in the hotel room. we were ecstatic about how cute he was in his new green outfit!

This one's for Grandpa...

Grandma did lots of laundry. she loves laundry. we even starting packing!

we watched some movies, &danced away to footloose.

a trip to TJ max, sam's club, and wal-mart.

Oh, and chipotle. and chick-fil-a, of COURSE! (my mom's favorite)

Jude just knew to smile. He didn't even have to look at the camera.


Conan O'brien anyone?! BEST.

His teeth were hurting... Poor boy.

We made a quick trip to Target to get some teething rings. He was laughing like crazy the whole time.

Spent our last evening together enjoying some real Southern ribs at Dreamland.

had a picnic on campus over dan's lunch break &dined on yogurt, tortilla chips &hummus, m&m's. so good!

we drove all the way from Spartanburg to Tuscaloosa with zero stops. i'd say that's pretty impressive with a baby on board.

Most importantly, she spent lots of time with her little grandson. giving him lots of hugs and kisses and rocking him in the rocking chair and playing with him. He loves his grandma!


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  1. so much to say.
    the picture with the remote? hilarious.
    you MUST print &frame the one of dan and jude where he's smilng. i gasped when i saw it. it's TOOOOO DARLING!!!! seriously.
    the one of you, your mom &jude? i stared at jude for a good 3 minutes cause his eyes are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo ushould print that one off too.
    teething already? little sweetie bear
    ALL the pictures of jude on the bed are to DIEDIE for. oh my goodness, i almost can't take it.