golden birthday!

Had a lovely birthday with our sweet family of three! I turned 24 on the 24th. My golden birthday!

Started out with a free birthday sub at Firehouse...

COOLEST drink machine ever. We spent about fifteen minutes there.

Followed by a free birthday burrito, chips, & queso at Moe's...

We went all out and got the HOMEWRECKER. Chicken, beef, and pork. We have no shame with our free burrito.

Topped it all off with a buy one get one free birthday ice cream at Cold Stone. I got the birthday creation. Soooo delicious! We enjoyed our feast outside in one of our favorite spots on the strip with hundreds of soon-to-be sorority high school girls and their moms. So great.

We needed a little more dessert to polish off our desert. A beautiful cake! I had worked the night before so Dan was watching Jude for me all day (besides feedings), and when I woke up there was a beautiful cake waiting for me! What a sweet hubby I have.

My gift you ask?! A fancy set of bocce ball! We love our backyard games. Then went to work. I must love to work on my birthday!


  1. You look so cute. And check out Jude's blue eyes!

  2. first and for-most, you are the most BEAUTIFUL new mama!!!!! you look sooooo good!!!!!!!! oh my oh my. and of course your hair is as thick & luscious as ever in that bun. it's so gorgeous. that pop machine looks so fun. i seriously can't get over how precious jude is. cause seriously.. he's the most precious. may canNOT come soon enough :) sweetest dan making you a cake!! and all your free dinners? the best. always <3

  3. You're especially going to love those backyard games in your backyard!!

  4. Happy 24 to our beautiful precious Rachael! What a fun celebration and the best birthday with the best of gifts..."little Jude" to celebrate with his mommy and daddy your Birthday! Best of all...FREE!! nothing tastes better than Free! We love you so much honey and by the way, the picture of you standing and holding Jude....well Daddy says it's his favorite!!! Love, Mama & Daddy

  5. I can't ever get over Dan's mini-me with your gorgeous hair! It's so great. Can you have 11 more!!??! You are beautiful & you look great! Xoxo

  6. ha! That's awesome. We LOVE Firehouse. We used to go there when we lived in Texas even though it was a 2 hour drive because Jase used to LOVE it on his mission. Now we have one just up the road..>Jase is in heaven. Um, and you look fantastic! I love your bun too. Oh, and my boys just saw Jude in the post above this one and said, "who's dat baby?, he's looking weely weely coot". ha!