thirty-six weeks

nine months pregnant and still workin it. it is an instant conversation starter with all my patients. people are sweet about it. they are so impressed that i'm still working. i am so thankful we are both healthy and i have been able to keep working! if all continues to go well, i will work until december 7, then i will be off for eleven weeks! after that i am going back part-time (ten shifts a month) until we move. yay!

we are getting so excited. it is all feel so real. his pack n play crib is neatly set up in his room (our closet) and we are starting to get some things we need (although much more is needed). i'm down to my weekly visits. and the baby is head down and ready for descent! you go baby!


  1. we don't know where we are moving to yet. dan is applying for medical schools right now... so we could be anywhere!!