he he he whooo...

The Mister and I went to a Breathing/Relaxation/Lamaze class last night.


Just like the movies, but probably better. There was the classy, conservative, fashionable couple (that's us... ahem), the foreign Middle Eastern-ish couple (I'm so politically correct), the liberal, opinionated couple ("I will go natural. No if's, ands, or buts." ... Sure hope you don't need an emergency C-section or you're in biggg trouble lady!), the quiet, woodsy Alabama couple, the young girl and her mother both with long hippie-like hair (loved it), and the woman who's husband was out of town.

Not to mention the leader of the pack.... NURSE NANCY. (She literally introduced herself that way. I was so thrilled.)

Now just picture this group, all with clothespins on their ears (simulating contraction pain) breathing together and massaging each other. Breathing our way through the contractions, massaging our partners back, rubbing their stomach, deep cleansing breaths, playing with their hair, words of encouragement, etc...

We feel enlightened and ready to keep practicing so we can be so prepared and know exactly how to relax and breathe as this baby works his way down the birth canal.



  1. how can it REALLY be only FIVE WEEKS????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so bamboozled/elated/confused/in wonderment. i love you. LAMAZE!! it's the best.

  2. LOL. i love your birthing class! and a HUGE ditto to ashley. five weeks?!! it can't be... that means you're 8 months pregnant! whaa?!! rachy pie and danny boy?!! it's too perfect. so excited for you guys. lets skpye before you give birth. xoxoxo

  3. That is hilarious!! I got an epidural the last two times, but want to do hypnobirthing this time. The theory is getting rid of ALL fear associated with childbirth and relaxing, to hopefully make it "pain free." So excited to hear about it!