shower baby [&mommy too]

I came down to Las Vegas for a long weekend and have had the most wonderful time! Don't I always?! They always take such good care of me and make me feel soo loved. There is nothing better than spending time with my dear family [except, of course, if my Danny would have come]. On Saturday Chonie, Bonnie, and Sabrina threw me a lovely baby shower! It was so special to see so many people I love and be blessed with so much support! Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shower, sent me something, and just supported me with your love and excitement! Also, the food was to die for. :)

My dear, sweet friends Megan and Shanna drove all the way down from Salt Lake City... 7 hours, one way, to see me for a few short hours! They are so wonderful. There is hardly anything more wonderful than rekindling with old friends. Except having that rekindling be the biggest surprise ever!! It was so nice to just be in their presence and share smiles and sit around and talk with my adorable fam. Unforgettable. :)

best. surprise. ever.
They looked amazing. So classy, beautiful, and glowy.
Funniest, best table decor
We loved our little babies!! My mom especially. :)
My beauty queen cousins Emily and Chelsea and their sweet girls Lexie & Ayva (missed YOU forever ashley)
Isn't this just the BEST?!!?! It's so priceless and far too perfect. My mom's face says it all. I love the onesies entirely!
Sister love! Jared & Kris got us this ever-so-clever cookbook for baby & toddler  instructing how to make all my own baby food! Ohhh.... I love it. :) They know me all too well! 
How will I make my baby food, you ask?! In this super fancy German food crusher! Yay.

Megan outdid herself again and constructed me this beautiful nursing cover that is oh-so-chic. How excited I am to be the most fashionable nursing mother around? Very. It is so cute it could just be worn normally as a poncho too. :)
My sweet Aunt Judy, Kelsie, and Dalyn came down from St. George to  be there! It was soo, soo good to see them!
Sister Davis and Bryn :) It was so good to see my old friends.
Emily made me this adorable baby blanket with the cutest pirate pattern on one side and the softest minky fabric on the next. I know our babe will love cuddling in it almost as much as I do. :)
Aunt Christine and Joanna came down from St. George. I love my family!
The girls in action with their fancy Gigi's donuts
Grandma and Grandpa Hickman stopped by the next day and visited. It was so nice to see them! She made us the most beautiful quilt that is so soft and, oh, we just love it.

Thank you everyone!!!!! <3

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  1. It was so wonderful to have you here to shower you and baby with lots of love and fun things to care for him! Love, Mama & Daddy