I was all caught up on my work yesterday morning so I had time to just sit and talk with my patient for about twenty minutes. She is sweet little old 83 year old lady who I'd been taking care of for four nights. She's a precious little thing. She was telling me her whole life story, which I always find so fascinating. Older people have so much more wisdom than all of us prideful young people.

She was telling me how she has been married for SIXTY-SEVEN years! She got married when she was 16 to her husband on his 17th birthday. They had two children in the next couple years and she said "I had my kids young and we grew up together." She talked about she grew up in the Depression and they had to trade what they had with what their neighbors had to get what they needed and use stamps to get their shoes. She talked about how they didn't have anything but they were happy. She said that people nowadays have so many cars and clothes and they're still not happy. She said they worked hard for what they had and how life was less complicated and they were just happy. I hope I can always remember wisdom like this and keep my life simple and just be happy.


  1. that is the SWEETEST!! the elderly really are so wise

  2. It will be so sad when all of those who lived through "the Depression" are gone...the Depression seemed to have given those who experienced it the secret ingredient to a happy life, "simple".

  3. it's true. sometimes i get so busy trying to make things perfect so i can be happy that i forget to just simplify things and appreciate the little things that actually do make me the MOST happy! it's funny that it takes someone telling you that to remember what we know deep down.

    you're shower is this weekend! i'm working and sad that i won't be able to see you and catch up. i hope you get all the exciting baby stuff you need!!