may 16: first appointments!

;may 16, 2011:

first ultrasound. was. amazing. incredible. breathtaking. oh sigh... these words are so inadequate. after the tornado i suddenly wasn't sick anymore... at all. it worried me a little bit. is there really a baby in there? but i didn't have any other adverse signs or symptoms so i just said, "my flight or fight system is kicking in. i don't have time to be sick right now!" i just hoped everything was okay.

we went to our mother's class. it was cancelled twice due to tornado issues, but we finally made it! it was soo cheesy. and straight out of the movies. and the best. people have the funniest questions. i went straight from work so i was just really tired and wanted to go home and go to sleep. we talked about what's okay and what's not, they gave us a WIC and an insurance shpiel, and then they drew my blood. i was so brave. i'm not used to being on the other side of the needle! dan was one of the few husbands in the class. there were 3 out of probably 20 women. i was so happy to have his handsome self there with me. we loved to laugh about how funny people are. after the class we stopped by city cafe for some biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns. we are just so southern now, aren't we? it was... divine! as always.

our ultrasound and doctors appointment was on may 11th at 1:30 pm. my doctor's name is James Sid Smith. half the reason i picked him is because of his name. my dad is Syd James, he is James Sid... so he's got to be a good guy, right?!? and of course i did my research and he comes well recommended! he's young. and sweet. we really like him. so we got to our appointment and just marvelled at all the ladies around us in the waiting room: pregnant with children, pregnant with babies, pregnant without babies, daughter and mother, lady and man... i was yet again thankful to be there as husband and wife. my dad wasn't kidding about the blessings of doing things in the right place at the right time! we filled out a history form with the funniest questions and then waited. and waited. and waited as we browsed through baby magazines and i ripped out recipes that i'm just sure i couldn't live without.

then my name was called... we jumped up out of our seats and followed the lady back. we hurried straight down the hall to a dark room. "lay down on the table..." before i knew it there was jelly on my belly and i was staring at a large flat screen tv. the ultrasound machine made a soothing noise that was almost like calming music. so between that and the darkness i was feeling very serene. BESIDES the fact that i reallly wasn't sure if there was a baby in there or not. so she starts slider the little feeler device around my belly and the screen was just grey and fuzzy with no sense. then, in the most magical moment, we saw him! at the exact same moment dan and i gasped as it literally took our breaths away. he was moving. he was wiggling. he was waving his arms and kicking his legs. he was alive. he was inside me. he was real. he was a baby! (i say he because i kind of having a feeling it's a boy, but really i have no idea. and i don't like to refer to the baby as "it"... so for now, it's he.) tears immediately started streaming down my face. it was suddenly real. for the first time it felt real. there is a baby inside me, a real live person. and it is up to me to nurture him and love him and help him grow and be healthy. i know he is healthy and strong because he made it through a tornado and a week of snack packs, no prenatal vitamins, and working outside while i was in survival mode. i know he's strong. he has a strong spirit.

his heart beat was 175 beats per minute. perfect. his heart beat was regular and normal. my heart is literally sustaining another heart. there are two hearts beating in my body right now. i love his little heart. we could have stayed in there forever. just watching him in disbelief. she snapped a few pictures and took me i was 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant. she could tell by measuring him... he was 7 cm long. he is on my right side. i knew he was because every once in a while he would let me know he's there by sending a little sharp pain my way. i felt like i had such the motherly sense when i knew he really was on my right side. :) first maternal instinct! she printed out our pictures and we marvelled as we sat in the waiting room and waited some more.

the nurse then called me back and checked my blood pressure: 110/70. i'm healthy! so happy and thankful. weight: 127. we'll keep our eye on that. we met with our doctor and got to know him a little bit. the appointment went well! i am healthy. baby is healthy. everything is on track. so thankful. so blessed.

next appointment: june 8...


  1. just fantastic. He is the survivor baby. He can do anything. proud of you both. and so HAPPY

  2. You're LOSING WEIGHT?! Lame! Um, and your baby bump is finally ME pre pregnancy! I'm so glad we don't live close during these 9 months so we don't have to compare bumps. haha.