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it's amazing what six days off work can do. six days to be a wife and a full-time baby-grower!my baby is the size of a sweet potato right now. that's soooo big! i haven't "felt" my little sweet potato yet, but i do oftentimes get random pains and vibrations and stuff that are probably the baby but i just can't distinguish yet. and if i do think i kind of feel something (which i actually am right now) and dan's not around i will ignore it because i want him to be there for the first kick. according to thebump...

"Baby's become amazingly mobile, passing the hours yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing."

that sounds like fun. and tiring. i have spent the last week at home, loving every minute making dinners and playing games with my hubby. i even went to the gym twice! and worked out! woah. go me! i feel so hard core in there with my spandex. i love it because i have an excuse not to push myself and get too out of breath. i just enjoy my workout and walk on the incline. it's great. the UA rec center is the bombbb. swimming is the best workout anyways...

we went to the doctor yesterday. blood pressure was 120/70 (so happy about that). weight was 134.5 and the doctor said "you are gaining about a pound per week, which is healthy but we don't want you to gain any more weight than that..." THANKS. somebody needs to "lay off the ice cream..." but i knew i didn't really weigh that much. i went to the gym and i weighed 132.5. thank youuu dr smith. the baby's heart rate was 144 and still beating in there!! such sweet moments. that was the extent of the entire visit. oh, and the usual void in a cup to pass through the whole in the wall. if i had a UTI i think they would be the first to know about it.

our big ultrasound is june 25th. that means we get to see our baby. see the fingers and toes and see if we are having a little rambunctious, red-headed rachy or a bright-eyed baby danny. so thrilled about it either way. (although i am getting a girl vibe)

dan is the ever so studious. he has a whole MCAT study plan he created. he studies three chapters a day and takes practice tests every monday. i'm so proud of him. he is also taking two classes this semester! raquetball and weight lifting. he bamboozles everybody with his racquetball skills (typical) and weight lifting... not his favorite but he's doing great. vin diesel body here we come!

we are craigslist fiends and have almost gotten all the furniture for our new apartment.

futon - $80
loveseat & ottoman- free
tv stand - $40
coffee table & 2 side tables - $40
2 lamps - $10

we take joy in furnishing our apartment for what most people would pay for one sofa. &i'm currently in the process of making a bean bag chair. it's going to be the crowning joy of my life so far. so all we need now is a dresser and maybe a floor lamp. we'll need to buy some organizing shelf/drawer things when we get there, but we have most of the big stuff.

so, why was the loveseat and ottoman free you wonder? here's how the story goes. we found a "loveseat and ottoman - $50" that we liked. it was oversized and soft and comfy looking. the ottoman opens up and is a secret hiding place and the couch part turns into a little bed! how sweet and multi-functional. and it wasn't a hideous floral pattern! it's white and greyish tan pinstripe. so we emailed them and told them we'd like to come look at it. they replied and we decided for the coming monday. they emailed us back and said "i think my wife knows you..." turns out the lady was dan's statistics teacher from last semester (of the tornado) and she had known what happened and they wanted to give it to us for free.

"the universe does make sense" :]


  1. Don't worry about the weight gain girl. Enjoy this pregnancy and all that it involves. It is the most amazing experience you'll have. Besides that, you'll be nursing and that will peel it off. You'll be amazed. Love the pics. Glad you're doing well!!!

  2. 1. love that you get to find out what 'it' is THIS MONTH!!! wahoooooo!!!!! i can't wait to find out. it will be so glorious.
    2. love the free furniture. ours was almost all free too. best.
    3. i love youuuu!
    4. let's SKYPE!!!!