life is stressful sometimes.

this past week has been hard. work is so overwhelming and stressful sometimes. for nine hours a day, eight nights in a row... i have to be everybody's everything. i have to meet the needs and wants of all patients at once, and more. i give. and give. and give. with a smile on my face, always being professional as can be. and rarely get anything in return. it gets old. there is only so much i can i do for you. the eighty-something year old, frail, sickly little man who was livid at me because he was cold and in pain. i am trying to do absolutely everything i can for you. but you won't let me. you do not want to take your pain medication. you will not let me get you another blanket. you will not me switch you to a warmer room. you are not satisfied. so what do you do with your angry little 106 pound body? you yell at me! "listen hear, you maid!" maid?! really?! that's a first. they are a little frazzling at times.

it's hard to always have to stay professional and polite. sometimes i just want to scream and talk back and run away and be completely dramatic and ridiculous. it would be the best thing in the world.

i guess it's a good job. i provide for all of our wants and needs, with some to spare. i learn about everything. pneumonia, drug overdoses, schizophrenia, snake bites, surgeries, strokes, and anything else you can think of. this week i've started iv's, put an nasogastric tube down, put in a catheter, and of course the never-ending shots, medications, and stethoscopes. it doesn't get much more nurse than that, does it?!

for the first time in my life i have had insomnia. it is the worst curse. worst curse! i am a girl who hardly functions on anything less than eight hours sleep. three two hour naps is not cutting it. unless cutting it means making me absolutely miserable... then it's cutting it. my sweet little onion loves to make me to go to the bathroom every three hours.

dan has been studying every day for the mmm-cat. he is wonderful and i love him no matter what. besides that, we are trying to furnish our whole apartment with only craigslist/thrift store finds. we figure if we're moving in a year anyway, why bother?! we will just sell it all anyways and start over again probably.

besides that, he is trying to politely convince our apartment managers that their insurance should cover this unfortunate event! ... (they do not agree)

the other day we were having one of our typical afternoon thunderstorms. it wasn't even raining, just thundering and a little windy. dan was studying and heard a big noise so he looked outside and this huge car length branch had broken off the tree in our front yard and landed on our car. {our new, post-tornado car} ... REALLY??!! wow. we are the best at wind damage. it was the only damage in site. the only tree or branch or anything down... of course. we both just laughed. large dents and scratches and wood impaled into the car. do we just have bad luck? Heavenly Father realllly wants to teach us a lesson....


at all. they are not important and do not matter. they just get in the way of what really does matter.

if you don't think i'm serious... even ask my 13 year old self...

just worry about each other. and eating ice cream and fruit together. and swimming. and you will be happy.


  1. uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to:
    1. your NASTY patient who called you a maid. ew to the max.
    2. your poor car. im so sorry, that is the worst. i hope your managers pay for it
    at least i love you so and miss you. <3 <3 <3 you always have family <3

  2. I know what you mean about nursing. When ever I think about going back to work I think about how burned out I was and I think, "I like being a stay at home mom". But I do miss being a professional and its amazing how fast I feel like I am losing my nurse memory. Oh well. Do you get to quit when you're a mommy? I worked for the first 8 months of my son's life and it was hard. Sorry to hear about your car. Here where we live our car keeps getting dinged and scratched and even dented in a hit and run. My dad told me "Learn to love your dents and stop trying to get them fixed". Probably good advise for poor students like us :) Your baby bump is looking so cute! I'm excited for you

  3. Of course it had to hit your car! I'm glad you laughed about it though :)

  4. I'm sorry you are having a hard time, your poor car. What a mean man, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to be a nurse. & how crazy you wrote that when you were younger. Thanks for the reminder about material things not really mattering. :)

  5. Just do what we do - No furniture at all :] It's not my favorite..but it's also not that bad.