valentine time!

happy valentine's day to the love of my life!

i love it when we cuddle and giggle like two little kids. it is by far the best feeling ever.

i love him.
i love him.
i love him.
i love him!

my heart still jumps and my heart pumps when i see this sweet smile! ...

and happy valentine's day to everyone else that i love! i have the most precious family in the world. i love my mama. i love my daddy. i love my brother. i love my brother's sweetie. i love dan's mama. i love dan's daddy. i love my sweet, adorable sisters. i love my grandpas and grandmas. i love my aunts. i love my uncles. i love my cousins. i love my dear sweet friends that are so much more than friends. i love my...


did you see my new blog? it's www.lovesosimple.blogspot.com :]

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