fantasy fort

valentine's day itself was busy with work and school... so when i woke up from my long day's rest.... i woke up to this!!

ssssiiggghhhh..... i'm so in love with him and thankful for his simple, real love for me.

we decided to celebrate on the weekend so we could truly enjoy it and not have anywhere we needed to be but with each other! so friday was the day. dan has a lab until 5:50 PM... that's kind of stinky for a friday. but it has it's perks. such aaaas.... i can SURPRISE him when he gets home!!! so i built a FORT in the living room, with nothing but my own brain power and big muscles. it was about the most engineering my mind could muster... but it was
a w e
s o m e

i was so busy building a fort and making homemade banana cream pie i had no time to make dinner, so i got all dressed up and picked dan up from class and we went to nick's in the stick's. it's kind of famous around here. back when tuscaloosa was one of the last "dry counties" nick's in the stick's was right on the county line so everybody would go there to get their dranks. it was just good ole southern back country. we got baked potatoes, onion rings, filet mignon, salad... it was just so fun. our waiter was hILARIOus. we loved him.

so we came home and i made dan wait outside, so i came inside and turned on the music, lit the candles, and welcomed dan to the RA SPA. he was so surprised and in awe of all i had done! i even moved the mattress into the fort, it was the most plush, comfortable, and magical little place. so then dan got a massage and foot scrub from the RA SPA. he seemed pretty happy about it. we then watched the notebook (aww) and had some homemade banana cream pie (even home made the pie crust thanks to you mama!)

we slept out in our fort and it was the greatest, we never wanted to take it down. we woke up on saturday at six am and went fishing with our one of our good friends josh mays in our stolen boat from 1960. the weather was beautiful and we just loved being outside! (especially me since i had been so cooped up in my BED and WORK only for 8 days! i never see the sun.) we had a lovely weekend. we had to take down the fort since the our friends josh, kimberly, and jonah were coming over for dinner (we didn't have to because i'm sure they would have loved it, but it was a little much). so we took one last [divine] nap and dan said we could make another one for our anniversary. YAY!!! but i don't know if i can wait that long.

i'm so thankful for such an unbelievably wonderful valentine's day full of so much love! thank you dan for loving me and i look forward to many more valentine's days together!! your love is all i need.


  1. that sounds so fun! & that pie looks yummy!

  2. Looks like a heart filled haven at Rachael's spa! Your pie turned out beautiful honey! Looks like it should be in Better Homes! We love you sooo much honey and feel such joy to see our little redhead so happily married to our sweet Dan. We <3 you both so much!

  3. I love the pie crust heart on the top of the pie! I also love the mirror picture, it reminds me of 113 (specifically your and Lindsay's bridal shower). Need I write it out? Loves.