with love, 2010...

dan&i are each holding out one hand & the world is sitting so gently on them... that's how i feel at least! i love it. i can do anything with him and the Lord on my side. is there any better feeling?

2010, we love you& will always look at your fondly. we've had lots of wonderful times together!

... remember how i started my job as a real nurse?!
... &dan finished three semesters of school, doing completely & wholly awesome?!
... jared met the love of his life & got married!
... we went on so many perfect little trips, camping at smith lake, pensacola, vegas, southern&northern california...
... &i dubbed myself a photographer?!

but the parts of this year that i love the most are those little things that you can't quite take a picture of...
... dan and rachy are more in love that ever, we are truly best friends. we just get each other more & have found our happy center, still hugging and loving each other every day like newlyweds... just deeper.
... dan has come so far in his education. he believes in himself more than he ever has... he has realizes that he really can do anything... like, Daniel Mulder MD?!
it hasn't been all popcorn and pancakes, but we have used everything we have come across to come closer. we are stronger and truly depend on each other.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

tonight will consist of:
... fancy fondue dinner at home in our homemade tent
... homemade cookies & chocolatey M&M popcorn
... martinelli's... OF COURSE!
... fireworks!

&then at 10:30 i'm off to the hospital to ring in the new year with a handful of nurses and some sick hicks... don't worry, we are bringing treats& going to celebrate...



  1. Great post! Love it. And ditto it...except I won't be going to the hospital tonight. But we too said as long as we have martinelli's, it's going to be a good year. haha.
    Happy new years Mulders!!!!
    Love you!

  2. I love this post. Popcorn & pancakes? :] too cute. Glad you guys had such a fabulous year. 2010 was truly wonderful. Oh I loved it. Yay for 2011!!

  3. I love peeking into your lives and reading your posts. You do a beautiful job expressing your ideas and feelings. Have you considered a career in journalism? No!!! They are lucky to have you as a nurse! Your mama and I are sitting here waiting for the New Year to arrive with Uncle Brent and your dad watching American Pickers! We went down to see "Chumley" at Pawn Stars today and I got a picture with the Chum!!

  4. 2011 woot woot!!!!! let the good times roll <3

  5. you can be singing Auld Lang Syne like in "WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING" and wake up patients in COMAS!