christmas in california...

we've had a wonderful & long vacation... yes, we are very spoiled! we've been out in roseville, CA for two weeks celebrating christmas with the mulder side! it has been so wonderful; we have loved every day. we have spent lots of time finishing up all our christmas gifts, shopping, eating delicious dinners, playing chicken foot, wii [even had our very own wii olympics], board games (wits&wager), watching movies and tv shows [we love cake boss, it's awesome>

christmas eve&christmas were wonderful! we had our own little fireworks show on christmas eve! we played lots of games and had some delicious food! {thank you mom mulder for teaching me so much! i learned a lot!} we watched the nativity story (see earlier post) and watched the traditional mickey movies and had a big sleepover in the living room {most of us}... christmas morning was full of lots of gift giving &receiving, which lasted for many hours... it is so much fun to give & receive and watch everyone get their gifts! we had some really special gifts this christmas! dan made me the sweetest white board/magnet board decorated all on his own and built on his own [!!} so he can write me love notes on it... {i know:)}, a pearl necklace from my sweetie, an indo board for my hubby, a beautiful homemade quilt from mom to sydney and from grandma to carly, a whole set of hand-sewn scrubs that mom made me {! one for every season, i will be the most stylish girl at the hospital} ... i will stop there. but we are so blessed! our greatest gift was to spend time with our family and make memories that we will never forget. i love having sisters! they are adorable and hilarious. {who's madonna?!}

we loved cookie decorated! delicious...
how cute are those boys?
had a wonderful night of unsuccessful caroling, those carols never seemed so long!

sweet little sydney!!!! she is perfect.

margi is beautiful.... love you shmoogie!
family photo shoot!
how cute are they?!
uhmm.. gorgeous! sorry boys, she's only fifteen.
i know... i had to.

we like to dance a little.

dad's manly dance moves...
she is a mickey PRINCESS!

twins... moogie & sac wag
we won these christmas story lights in our christmas eve game... yay!!!
christmas morning... this is the board he made me!
toes on the nose in his new manly pjs.

what i did while the boys were fishing....
christmas day activities... they were very focused.
my lady bug friend! see you her hiding back behind the leaf?
cute :} christmas dinner! i decorated the table with the nativity!

love, love, love!! thank you mom&dad for a wonderful trip and for allll that you have done and do for us. we love you, we love you, we love you!!! 

now let real life begin...


  1. 1. the redhead ct. pic? TOO good! too good.
    2. the pic of spency &dan? the cutest. bff's reunited &it feels so good.
    3. love the kissy pic in front of the tree. precious
    4. love all of this really. looks like you had so much fun
    5. love youuuuuuuuuu! <3

  2. Aww. I miss that cute family!!! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas :)

  3. I think my favorite pic is of Dan slouched on his knees watching videos games with Christmas toys all around. How fun! What a good Christmas!!!

  4. you guys are so beautiful. I Love the kisses. I love the LONGEST RED HAIR I HAVE EVER SEEN. So cute. i love it all. plus I will probably decorate the table with the nativity now.

  5. Such cute family pics! & you have the prettiest hair! & those leg lights are amazing!