thankschristmasgiving, we invented it.

we were so lucky and thankful to be able to go home and be with family for thanksgiving! it was so lovely... a week packed full of family bonding, scruptious edibles, beautiful dinners, a cozy home, and adventures in california. since we wanted to have christmas together we dubbed our christmas on november 26th, the day after thanksgiving. 

it really was magical just like christmas. it was just like old times... the christmas tunes were playing, the fire was going, we ran out of our rooms once we heard the okay, and the monster-sized stockings were lying on the couch. (we didn't have the monster-sized stockings before, once you graduate to marriage you get the monster-sized stockings) 

it was a wonderful week! we love having krissy in the family! it was so nice to have us all together! whether it was playing the wii, baking/cooking, trips to the grocery store for everything and anything full of SUGAR, watching movies, visiting the casita mansion, or cutting our hair (thanks to kandi), it was perfect!

i just couldn't love fall trees&colors more
our one christmas eve gift from tubby :] what a thoughtful pup!
the boys were so gracious to put up the christmas lights! cough, cough...
jared&kristina's humble abode... thumbs up!

christmas paradise!
dan was peacocking.... [don't look at the score/game there... oops!]
watching crocodile dundee & matilda watson on the big screen!!
they LOVED the watsons!!!!
i wish it was a snuggie...
sorry it's blurry, but you can still capture the delishishnish.

your welcome for posting this flattering picture, but doesn't it all just look wonderful!?

beautiful kris :)

my parents pet bird who sings to them every morning when they go to the gym and perches on their tree :)
we went on a hot air balloon ride overlooking vegas.... dan was a LITTLE nervous...

aww... precious moment captured

i'm wearing my grandma james' fur coat :)

didn't we just have a lovely and wonderful thankschristmasgiving?!
love you!!!


  1. Such cute pics! & I love love love your grandma's fur!

  2. Presents from your dog!!! So fun. You guys are such a cute fam. Glad you had a great time!

  3. Looks like a great family vacation. I am so missing southern cali sunshine right now. My favorite picture though, is the darling little puppy. I want to pick him up and snuggle with him and I'm not a dog-lover (just a puppy lover). So cute.