disney lights divine

there is this neighborhood here in roseville and they have so SERIOUS lightage goin on... like, it's basically more than anything you've ever seen even in the movies. it's fabulous. here's a little taste....

yes, this picture was an accident but i love it :]
do you even realize what you are looking at right now?! these are humongous greater than life size car fresheners. they are as tall as the garage... how amazing?! definitely take the cake for me.
this house won i think. they were synched with the radio, pretty delicious.
cutest. who doesn't just adore UP!?
dan's as cute as that old man.
...christmas time is here
happiness and cheer
fun for all that children call
their favorite time of year...
yes, those are the peter pan kids in the window....
such loveliness...
and of course...
they were adorable too.

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