there is no way to describe the inspiration & awe that color brings to me. just color, something so intricate in our daily lives, but if used right can alter your world and the feelings it puts inside you.

my apartment was constructed in the 1950's. the architecture/design is somewhat puzzling. massive living room& green bean sized hallway kitchen. ceiling fan and light above the kitchen table, no fan/absolutely no lighting in the massive living room. only a miniature window that very insufficiently lights up our little dwelling.

disclaimer: i am not complaining, i am simply planning &dreaming. i love our little place. there is just one things that particularly erks me...

the lack of light. we have two lamps in our living room, yet i am still shocked with the dungeon-esque aspects i encounter when i swing open the door after being out in the light of the sun. there have often been times we have people over &i am frantically turning on every light in the house trying to help the situation, to no avail.

our rexburgian abode had an entire side of the house made simply of windows&doors with beautiful green trees on the other side; i miss miss miss miss MISS. there is something about natural light that ignites my senses. artificial light can not hold... a candle.

how lovely would you feel perched on this little chair pondering life? [because that is surely what you would do in room like this:]

the light&color makes me just feel so light & fluffy in the happiest sort of way. we are not in the position to paints the walls of our apartment, we can not bust out any walls and add windows, i am trying to figure out how to brighten my little place.

my current ideas:

:: paint our currently black TV stand red [or something other beautifully bright shade]

:: bright pillows on our brown leather couches

:: prints on the walls, i like these:


  1. love the last pic. i've been wanting to do silhouettes for a while now but just don't have the time.. over the 7 week break i'll have to get on it. light really is the best. wish you were here to come to rigby lake with scott and i next week!!! landmu

  2. I second what ashley said. I love silhouettes and i love the way the frames are. So cute. And the picture above reminds me of Holes ( i think they quote that poem in that movie) adn the pic above that reminds me of rachael cause the heart hanging on the wall. Happiness is color.