cuddly love.

"how many couples do you know who have been married for 58 years and still cuddle?"

said my sweet patient as he cried to me missing his wife. he was so devastated that he had to put her in a nursing home, but at 77 years old he just could not take care of her anymore. he had just had his second shoulder surgery from injuring it trying to care for her.

i told him "i'm sure you wife loves you so much, i'm sure you are so sweet to her."

"oh she does, whenever i visit her the very first thing she says to me is that she loves me."

sweet, sweet, sweet.

dan& i will be one of those couples who are married for 50 years and still cuddle. it's one of our daily staples already. i would say along with brushing our teeth but sometimes i forget to do that. never forget to cuddle:].

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  1. Oh how sweet!! I'm sure you make your patients feel so loved and bring sunshine into their lives the few hours a day they see you! Cuddle away honey!!