finishers wanted.

summer youth conference was held at troy, university and stakes from all over the area meet for it. there were 600 youth there! [even some from georgia&mississippi]. it turned out great, the kids all loved it & i know it was a testimony builder for them. i got to go since i am first counselor in the young womens [there are 2 girls in my YW]. i got home from work on thursday morning with the bishop waiting for me at my house, we drove straight to troy [3 hours], and i was up all day, besides the 2 hours i ditched out on the workshops. after 30 hours of being awake i was just not feeling right in the head to stay the least.

we had really awesome workshops, two dances [i'll get to those], a service project, and lots of firesides/devotionals. we were staying in the dorms so we ate at the college cafeteria, which was fun. dan came up on friday evening, i was so happy to have him there with me! on saturday morning we had a 5K. as i've mentioned, my ankle is injured and i can't run, but i got excited and ran for a while anyways, and then dan ended up carrying me half the way since my foot was hurting so bad. but we made it! we slept most of the car ride home, and then i had work again saturday night... ouch!

we had a dance friday and saturday night. i absolutely love the youth dances. they are so entertaining. either my girls wanted me out there to dance with them or i couldn't resist during single ladies, so i was out on the dance floor the whole time. i learned my lesson last dance, do not give the impression you are single in any way or some sweet 16-year old boy will ask me to dance. the girls were nervous so i was out there dancing with them, and then as soon as a slow song would come on i would run off the dance floor. i still managed to get asked to dance a few times, and it is the worst for the boys. they get the most horrified look on their face& feel soo awkward, poor boys. i just don't know how to differentiate myself. it so painfully awkward to watch the kids. i dubbed myself 'the encourager' and helped the boys get the courage to ask a girl. the boys would just wander around aimlessly so i would help them find a girl or put a girl&boy together... all they need is a little encouragement! and then once they are paired up they are the giddiest souls with the biggest grins on their faces. this is by far one of the best parts of my calling.
cutest ciara
these are my girls/dancing buddies
bishop wyatt and his daughter katlin, who looks so beautiful:]
the troy fountain
the scene babies
the cute boy who wore a tux
they were pop, lock, &droppin it
we are the cutest awkward 15-year old couple, i finally had someone to dance with!
my number was almost 143, more marathon pictures to come :]
here are the youth in our ward: me, aubrey [miamaid president &only miamaid] aly [YW president] kaitlin [laurel president &only laurel], then the boys...
we love each other and we love troy.


  1. how fun! i wish i could have been bustin a move with you out there. your SO cute! no wonder the 14 year olds loved you. i lol'd at the "scene babies" pic. so funny. 143

  2. The days I could be up all night and then all day are far, far behind me, thank goodness. Cute pictures. Those girls must just love hanging out with you.

  3. It looks like you had a great time at Youth Conference, I love the pictures of your girls and people in your stake & ward. I'm sure they all look at you and Dan as such great role models honey! I'm so glad Dan came so you wouldnt have to fight off the 15 year olds!!!

  4. first off...marathon? I love that in that picture there are snickers, mnms and pringles on the counter... nothing stops you 143