sunday funday.

sundays are so much fun. we use every excuse to not leave the house. today we made flounder in the rotisserie &scalloped potatoes. not to mention a surprisingly delicious banana milkshake.

the tuscaloosa ward is amazing. everyone supports &cares for &loves each other. such the cutest myriad of people. soo much love. our goal for this year is 120 people to attend sacrament meeting.

saturday was worth mentioning. dan studied for approximately SIX hours. all the while i made valentines crafts/decorations for the house. they are soo cute, &i am dying to share. but is it so sad that...

WE HAVE LOSTEN OUR CAMERA little coco trixie. why is this such my luck? 1st camera... stolen in tel aviv. replacement... just broke one day. 3rd camera [our big investment with insurance &everything]... just disappeared one day after taking pictures of our lovely mozzarella &ham sandwiches. SERIOUSLY??! why?!

back to takeovines day [that's what i'm so stuck on calling it because my other cell phone didn't know valentines was a word &only said takeovines so i just stuck with it]. i made a love collage in our kitchen (you're probably in it), found my pirates of the caribbean valentines from last year [why did i buy those?] and made some to give out, made a couple fun cards, &CLEANED. best day in the life of a WOMAN i'm pretty sure.

favorite quote from last week:
patient to me: "i like you. you remind me of someone off scrubs."
i took it as a compliment.

dan always buzzes his hair real short &i trim the back &stuff. so he trimmed it tonight &i wanted to be a part of all the fun so i cut real short bangs and i look like i'm seven. might be really crooked and funny. i don't mind. now dan is a marine & i'm a rag doll. the best.

i made curtains. they are cute.

the other day we were driving back from the basketball game &these two moto-cops stopped behind us waiting for the train &we could hear them GOSSIPING about us having IDAHO plates!! it was the funniest. so then one of us pulled up next to us &dan yelled "ROLL TIDE FROM IDAHO" out the window &they literally had a full conversation through the window... probably both going 25 in a 45. we were so tickled.

rachel taylor orr is coming to alabama. I KNOW. i'm the luckiest. to visit her sister. but i get a little too:]]].

we are happy.

the end.

update: i hauled cornelius mac around to get some awkward iPhoto pics of the decor. i just wanted to share:].

on our coffee table<3.
our paper lanterns from ashlot's wedding. they are so cutesied out for every holiday. these are my favorite so far.
this is my candle creation in the making. in five years the wax will be built up all the way to the top in different colors &it will be TIGHT. &that's a glimpse of our love collage in the back! when dan saw it he said: "let's keep it up all year.." i know. i love him.


  1. Cute post. What's up with everyone getting so over worked about plates from Idaho. We do leave the state every now and then!!! :).

  2. Oh you are just the cutest couple!! I'm so sorry about your camera :( I love your Valentine Decor honey...Have you noticed how much your lives revolve around "light" (candles) and "love" (hearts). The best decoration you have is the wonderful spirit you have in your little cottage...loving each other and those who come into your home! You are light and blessing to all you touch! Nursing hearts and healing spirits! Love,Mama

  3. NEED to see two things:
    1. a picture of your new haircuts.
    2. a picture of the love collage.
    You are so good at being Takeoviney.

  4. You are the cutest blogger I have ever seen! I love love love it and miss miss miss you!

  5. love this you the decorations alabama. sad that rachel gets to come vizzz and not me. at least i'm in the collage i think? missing you <3