1. 2. i love you.

i have been so sick with asthma this weekend. wheezing for 2 days straight? the worst. luckily i have someone who takes care of me &lets me nap on his shoulder and tucks me in with blankies &takes my temperature. i love him. and tell him at least 20 times a day. we've been studying how to NOT give our sweet little babies asthma [might have to live on a farm].

my job keeps me a... LITTLE busy. [that means a lot]. but it's great fun. i hear this at least 3 times a week...



"GIRL... HOW OLE ARE YOU? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU FITTEEEN." [no 2nd "f" in that word]

it's whatever. i decided next time i'm going to to tell them i am.

this one cute lady...

"you an RN???... oh girl, yo mama must be sooo proud of you. if i was yo mama i'd be sooo proud a you. honey how old are you?? 21??!!!!? oh sweetie i so proud a you. you have any babies? you MARRIED? oh baby. that wonderful."

me... grinning &trying to translate her thick native black/alabamian accent. saying "what?" every 5 seconds &her just laughing at me.

i'm convinced living in tuscaloosa, AL makes the life of a nurse 500x more interesting. people here are just THE BEST. i honestly feel like i speak a different language sometimes. i've been asked if i'm from SWEDEN. i know. i get so attached to my patients. if it wasn't for HIPAA i'd probably be checking in on their status daily &sending them cards at home. my patients are soo sweet &make me feel loved. sometimes i feel like a drug lord. don't love that. still trying to figure out how one woman is supposed to balance nine other lives simultaneously. overall... really learning to like/love my job [&loving my first paycheck].

dan is mr. scholarly university of alabama! i'm so proud of him. he's taking calculus, chemistry, writing, softball, and music. he loves them. he loves seeing mark ingram walking around campus every day. he's not used to such strong women as his cute friend in softball. they were playing catch and he was so bamboozled by her strength. might have hurt his hand a little. he told her he had her number [we forget what that saying means tho]. he accidentally became the teachers pet in some of his classes. he just can't help his deep insights &writing skills!?!

watched disney's movie earth today. indescribably wonderful. please watch it if you haven't.

we are happy. very happy! :]]



  1. People always think I'm 15 too. I thought if I started dressing more adult like it would help...but it didn't. At least people don't think you look really old. & yay for being a nurse! That is so cool!

  2. 1. alabama is so amusing. i might like to visit.
    2. you ARE a nurse. i'm glad it's treating you well/keeping you busy.
    3. how will you keep your babies from asthma?

  3. Rachel people think that I am 15 or 18 as well. It will pay off when we are older. hopefully. ha. I am glad that you and Daniel are so happy!! You guys are so cute. Tell Daniel good luck with school for me. Chemistry was not our forte back in H.S. with Mr. Ellis. lol. It actually wasn't my forte in college either. It really kicked my butt.

    Oh b.t.w I think you are one cute little nurse.


  4. You must really love your job. I was laughing all through your blog. I'm happy for you both that things are working out so well for you in 'bama. Hope you get better soon.

  5. you guys are the cutest. i love alabama. i want to visit! it'd be the funnest adventure. love you <3

  6. I love you cute girl! And that blog just made my day--I love your description of your patients and your job!! Holy cow, crack me up!