lovely&lively: INSPIRED.

music [hear playlist].

the style/creativity/expressiveness of others [whether it be a designer, your timeless grandmother, a girl at the grocery store, blogger, etc].

culture [i've never felt as consistently inspired as when i lived in jerusalem, surrounded by so much beauty &culture].

past decades [why can't we still dress like they did in the 40's &50's? the women were soo beautiful, &they dressed like... women &they were proud of their curves].

movies [seven pounds, dan in real life, the notebook, life is beautiful, yes man].

we are blessed to live in a beautiful world, where we have the opportunity to literally learn or find anything we could imagine in seconds [depending on your internet connection]. if we let ourselves, the smallest flower or cutest little pair of mismatched socks can inspire us.

above are a few of the myriad of things that inspire me. it was fun for me to try to pinpoint what inspires me- to dress, to care about my appearance, etc... also interesting to think about the many factors that have helped my fashion sense evolve over the years [thankfully, ask my mother].

finding our own personal inspiration is of utmost importance, whether we are trying to find our style, define it, alter it, simply enhance it, revamp it altogether, or any other angle. we need inspiration; it is where everything noteworthy begins.

we will be judged by our appearance. it is an unavoidable fact of our society. so why not use that to our advantage? as women, we have power we do not even realize we have. so find your inspiration, get inspired, and get out there &get it girrrl.

&tell me, what inspires you? it may just inspire me!:]

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  1. um, ok, I don't have time to read this whole post (kids in the tub) but I agree 342% with the 40's and 50's comment. DRESS LIKE GIRLS, girls! Um, loving your play list. And what inspires me?
    Flea Markets, the dump, Barefoot COntessa, my kids, white, google, flowers, and Jase. haha, wow, no wonder I'm where I am.