silly life.

dan had an anaphylactic reaction the other night [really, he did] after a dish involving spinach, chicken, cottage cheese, pasta, parmesan cheese, &pasta sauce. we think it was the spinach. we are confused. luckily with a little help from xopenex [rescue inhaler] &benedryl... he is okay. why does scary, crazy stuff always happen to him?? it seems like it's somehow always related to me or my cooking. i'm scared to cook now. oh man.

work is so funny &fun. i'm learning so much and i love that. i love that i can see myself progressing and becoming a better nurse. i've come a LONG way in the past week/month! my patients are so cute. i just love them. one of my patients nicknamed me "popsicle." the best. another one asks "are you coming back? please come back..." i just love getting to know people i never would have had a chance to otherwise, taking care of people is some of their hardest moments is really something special.

my parents &jared are going to EUROPE next week with my cousin angie! they will have so much fun. i love them. i love them. i love them. i love them.

we only turn on the heat when we have guests.... which means it's FREEZING 95% of the time. it's not my fault i have to wear my flannel cheetah pajamas ALL day...? maybe i would put on normal clothes if it didn't take me 5 hours to wake up from my sleep. i'm the GROGGIEST.

we had lots of fun on a temple/dinner trip with our friends jessica &chris last weekend. attending/cleaning the temple is always so special. i always feel so renewed. it's such a privilege to have that opportunity. instead of waiting for THREE hours to eat at cheesecake factory, we ate outside at an italian restaurant i forgot the name of &waited three MINUTES. is that the best? yes. it was so much fun. prius, anthro, cottage meetings, treking through bushes in skirts, bella WITH chicken, even a nap on the way home!

dan is kobe/tebow lately. just ask his softball class. FIRST PICK is right! they'll never underestimate him again. all the girls love to "awww" that he's married. it's the best that he always just happens to bring it up.


lovely &lively #2 tomorrow!

i love my family soo much.


  1. I'm so glad Dan is doing okay, that is scary. Your job sounds so wonderful and I'm sure you are a very good nurse. Thanks for the comment on the blog, can't believe anyone but our family bothered to read it, it was eternally long. Hang in there, spring/summer are coming and then you won't be freezing.

  2. i'm so glad you love being a nursey nurse! you and dan love to have random attacks of sicknesses! i highly doubt it's THAT cold in your partment buut... i could be wrong. i love you and love it when you are the happiest thing in the world <3

  3. you sound like such a good nurse!
    & your life always sounds so cute!

  4. ok, first off, we've gotta get dan into Jase to get that allergy fixed, that's freakin scary! Um, and if I were in the hospital, I'd want you to be my nurse...unless I needed a supsitory or catheder(sp). And give dan another 8 years or so...then he'll be bald like Jase. I used to hate when the HS girls were all in love with jase when we first got married, then I started to think it was funny, and now there's only a handful that think so, and It's gotta be because of the balding, cause he's still a hottie...wait, I'm his wife. yea, ok, well, our husband reall are the same. Jase is the arab version of Dan. I wish I was the brunette version of YOU! ugh! When's your next big LV road trip???