Jack Warner Pkwy

Here are a couple pictures from our little apartment at

1130 Jack Warner Pkwy NE #8B
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

We loved that little place. It was the perfect little apartment for us to live in after the tornado until we moved. That little loveseat was given to us from one of Dan's old professors. We loved that little loveseat! Until it became Jude's changing table.

These chairs were given to us from the girl we subleased from over the summer. They are the nicest modern little chairs! We still have them.

Our little plant didn't make it through the move. But we love that little stool that we refinished! That TV stand we got off Craigslist too.

I made this bean bag chair for Dan for Christmas. It's full of down feathers!

The view from the kitchen. We loved how open it was.

Ashley made me that beautiful flower garland. I love it!

Our kitchen table that survived the tornado. It has personality.

The front hallway from the front door. Lots of walking Jude up and down those halls in the middle of the night!

We sure loved that apartment!

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