quick trip.

Remember how Dan took a quick one-day trip to the beach a couple weeks ago? The very next morning we packed up our bags and left for South Carolina in the wee hours to make it for the inspection on OUR HOUSE! We stopped by Zaxby's and had some delicious chicken, stretched our legs, then jetted to the house and met our funny little inspection man. He was so intense. We didn't know how to take him at first as he was darting around the house from one task to the next. We had to stop him to tell him we wanted to go along with him during the inspection to be advised from his expertise. We learned to love him in no time and he shared a wealth of knowledge with us on how to improve and care of our sweet little home. We met our neighbors, Dan explored the woods and creek in the backyard, and before four hours had passed we were back in the car for our six hour ride home.

struggling on the car ride. we wedged his occe next to his head to give himsupport. he's not a big fan of the road trips.

?hmm, dad, what do you think about that?'

"yeah, i think it should be okay..."

Loooong day! Especially for Dan, who drove 22 hours in a 32 hour period. He was a little loopy by the time we hit the Alabama border. Really loopy actually. I've never seen him like that. It was theee funniest. We made it home safely and sound!


  1. Why in the world is the inspector wearing a fishing vest?! haha

  2. You guys are buying a house? How exciting! When do you move!

  3. How exciting to have a real HOUSE! You need to put up so many pictures, okay? I really want to see it. & your baby just gets cuter and cuter. I love the pictures of him in Dad's arms. What are you dates for coming up E? I needtaseeya.

  4. that guy looks like he's the funniest. LET'S HANG OUT IN REAL LIFE IN A COUPLE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! scott and i were talking about the last time just the 4 (now 5) of us hung out and i'm pretty sure it was like TWO YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo NOT okay. we're aboutsta make it all right again :)