what we are doing riiight now.

Right now life is good.
Right now life is how it should always be.

Jude and I just finished making two batches of laundry detergent out on the deck. Then we danced and twirled all around to "Something in the Water" by Brooke Fraser. The weather is lovely. 77 degrees and it feels just perfect! (Dan may think otherwise...)

Dan is figuring out how to install the washer and dryer. I would put all the legistics but it's beyond me. Something about 4 inch pipe having to fit through the hole in the laundry room to get outside. So he's been running back and forth from Lowe's to home and then from the laundry room to the crawl space from the laundry room to the crawl space figuring it out. We think he did it. :) Having a house sure teaches you a lot of things you didn't know and helps you do things you've never done. We spent the morning trimming hedges with these super cool Edward Scissorhands hedge clippers and fearlessly facing spiders head on.

He works so hard. He doesn't stop. And he found some wild strawberries in our backyard... :)

Oh, not to mention, this little boy. He loves his three naps per day. He loves attacking Daddy's face with big wet slobbery kisses. He loves advancing to the size 3 diapers while we are waiting on a washer and dryer to wash his cloth ones. He loves playing with his feet and cuddling with Mom and Dad while we watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And he gives me a little too much to work with when I pull out the camera...

"How's this pose Mama?"


  1. Is that laundry detergent safe for the cloth diapers?

    1. It seemed to work fine when I used it on this last load. A lot of people I have seen online on cloth diapering websites actually recommend using this kind of detergent. I like it so far!