we are sooo thrilled to announce...

we got a washer and dryer!!

of our own! we own them! they are in our very own apartment! we don't have to go down the hall, down the stairs, down the other hall, around the corner, and across the mile long pathway to get to the nastiest laundromat in our [old] complex that i was usually scared for my life in.

it is sooo divine. we got them off craigs list for a whopping $250! they are whirlpool. we feel like we've really moved up in the world. there's no telling what's next!!

we had the manliest truck in existence to pick them up. thank you aaron and aly!

he was the SWEATIEST creature alive from all this moving. it was great.

this the final product. the apartment we live in now only has space for the kind that are supposed to go on top of each other. so we just squeeze them in the kitchen. after we've done a wash cycle i can't reach into the washer because it's too hidden. so dan is pretty much the designated laundry man.

our next apartment has space for the side by side, so it's perfect. we've been doing hundreds of loads (it seems like) because we have to wash everything we owned because it's still full of rubble and yucky smells.


  1. BEST! It is just divine to have that INSIDE of the apartment. Congratulations loves.

  2. Wonderful. Congrats on finding a W&D and an apartment! We're apartment searching right now and are really looking forward to the long search being over. <3 u too.

  3. ah. awesome! must feel great! please don't forget to add me when you go private. i need me some mulder everynow again. love reading your blog. seriously makes me smile.

  4. washer and dryer!! how wonderful. i want one of our own! someday i'll follow your lead :)