a new point o view...

life has been just marvelous for the mulders! we found an apartment and it has everything we were looking for! it's set apart in a little forest of trees so it's got a secluded foresty feel (as much as an apartment can), washer and dryer hook-ups (we are searching like crazy on craigslist and SO excited to have our own!!), a fireplace (oh, how excited i am to decorate!!), ceiling fans, lights on the ceiling (the things we take for granted), a walk in closet, a screened in back porch and past that is just treees and nature, plenty of kitchen space, a dishwasher, TWO bathrooms, anddddd.... TWO bedrooms! but we only get one. let me explain...

we told them we were looking for a one bedroom apartment. (we couldn't afford the two bedroom, it's $200 more!!) they told us they were out of one bedrooms but due to demand they are "converting" the two bedrooms into one bedrooms. sounds very technical, huh. so how do they do that?

they LOCK THE DOOR to the second bedroom. and you aren't allowed to go in! even though it's in your very own apartment. and it just sits there. unused. empty. lonely. and voila! you have a "one bedroom" apartment. (they are nice enough to let us keep the second bathroom for like $30 more a month)

i have been having an ethical dilemma about how "wrong" it is to pick the lock to the second bedroom. it's no difference to them, right?! someone rationalize with me please...

anywho. it's a short and pleasant bike ride to campus, a less than ten minute drive (&even closer than where we are now) to work, and we are excited! it's called POINT O' VIEW apartments (not 'of'). we were soo stressed trying to find a place to live. we feel, like, 100 pounds off our backs now that we have a place! thank you dan for looking so diligently every day! so we move in august 7th. our lease here ends the end of july. so we have nowhere to live for a week... we'll figure it out.

in other news... dan is taking a summer semester class. PHYSICS. it's hard. but he's good at it (of course). dan's birthday week begins today! his birthday is next sunday (father's day!). we are doing great. just trying to live happily and simply and love each other. oh, and i discovered pinterest...


  1. I NEED you to pick the lock. & have a naked room. I'm pretty sure I remember you scheming about having one of those one day (but that was in the BYUI days, we were silly). Correct me if I am wrong. XO
    Congrats on the new place. I think you are great. Truly.

  2. I know where you're staying: wherever we are! I can guarantee Aaron & Aly won't mind or if we're lucky enough to be in our place by then, we have an extra room! Just count on a week-long slumber party. Maybe we can even go to the beach during that week or something? P.S. I'd totally pick the lock but I'm also paranoid about them finding out and you having to pay the full amount.

  3. Yay for pinterest!! Hurray for a great apartment! I'm excited for you, Rach!

  4. Before you wrote it I said to myself "they could google lock picking for when they have guests". I am so there to rationalize with you.

  5. NICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please pick it &have a naked rooom. pleeease! it's the best idea. but really. pick it. i love you <3

  6. oh wow that is so ridiculous! That is the worst business plan I have ever heard of. Why didn't they just say give us 20 $ more and you can have the extra room. At least they would be making some more money. weirdos!
    thankyou for sharing your pinterest discovery, because now I have discovered it and love it! You might also like ONE NOTE by windows. similar idea but just for like little thoughts that you have that you want to sort into different "notebooks". downside is that you have to pay for it :s

  7. I have an idea so you can use that extra room! Have company over once a month and they can pay you $200 instead of paying for a hotel. Then you get to use the room for the other 27 days of the month! We'll come down for a game and be your first customers! :). I'm glad things are going well for you. I wish we could have met Dan when we came down. You guys are such a cute couple!

  8. What a beautiful place!! I bet you're so excited to get more settled. That is so weird about the 2nd bedroom thing!!! Very strange.