pretty pregnant: week five

april 15, 2011:

it's still sinking in. i still don't feel pregnant, whatever that feels like. i guess a positively undeniably positive test and no monthly visitor is all you need to be pregnant! every once in a while i feel a little tiny pain in my lower right area. i've felt it maybe five times total- in that exact same spot. that must be where the baby is! my back hurrrts. it did hurt a little bit before due to my job, but in the last couple weeks it is much, much worse! i don't understand how being four and five weeks pregnant could cause such yucky back pain, but i think it is contributing. thank goodness to my hubby to rub my back and listen to my gripe every morning, warm baths that are only filled about half-way up my side (i know it's dangerous if your core temp goes up... don't worry), and laying. i refuse to take medication. my baby doesn't need that!

i must include this to give a thorough diary entry... i was nervous. i didn't want to take a test. i couldn't believe it. when i saw two positive lines i ran into my bed and covered my face up with the covers and still didn't believe it. but it's sinking in. i looove my baby (appleseed).

i've been so good at taking my multivitamins every day. i'm trying to greatly increase my fluid intake, eat healthy, stretch, and exercise. i've decided it's okay to increase the monthly food budget while pregnant- vital organs developing over here!!

we are sooo thrilled, excited, happy, elated, and humbled to be with child. dan's been talking to the future child in my belly for over a year now, but now he is actually talking to somebody! we mention the baby in every prayer and give it kisses daily. this will be the most loved and adored baby in history. telling our family and random friends at work/school has been so much fun. they have been so sweet and supportive and excited. we are waiting to truly break the news. we are holding it close to our hearts right now. :) i can't wait for our parents to be grandparents, both of them, for the first time! how special. like i said, most loved baby everrr.

i love you sweet baby. keep growing healthy and strong and i hope you are comfortable in there. i'm reading you scriptures and playing anthony green for you today (it's his birthday) so you will be well rounded. all my love baby!


  1. You are so adorable, Rachael! This entry made me baby-hungry. lol. So excited for you two!

  2. That last paragraph is priceless. I love it! I know the bump isn't big... I KNOW it's no lopsided watermelon (or cantaloupe) but still, I think we need weekly mommy-to-be belly pics. So the thing to do, but it must be done. You are great. Keep growing that babe so perfectly and definitely do increase the food budge. XO