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Dan and I and thousands of others near us have been faced with great devastation in the form of a massive, destructive tornado. We are humbled and thankful we are alive. We have already grown in such indescribable ways from this experience. I know I will never look at life the same. I will never look at material possessions the same. I will never be the same, all in good ways. I hope to let this experience change me and make me a better person and hopefully be able to uplift others by sharing my story.

So many kind family, friends, and strangers have asked how they can help. It is overwhelming right now to try and think of everything we have lost and what we need. We really have everything we need. I think I will look at that term much differently from now on.

I have started a website for donations. The donations will come directly to Dan and I and we will use them very wisely to benefit those affected by the tornado. We are here in Tuscaloosa cleaning up and trying to help and rebuild every day so we know what the needs are and hope to be able to use our opportunities for publicity and family and friends across the nation to do our small part to help.

Please donate anything you can. We appreciate anything but especially prayers and the love we feel from everybody. Please continue to keep us and all those affected in your prayers. We know Heavenly Father's hand is above all and we can truly feel him "encircling us in the arms of his love." (2 Nephi 1:15)

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  1. I am SO glad you guys are okay! What a miracle that you and Dan were spared without injury! I can't imagine the devestation, and the scary experience of it all. We will keep you in our prayers. I get my first paycheck soon for my new job, and I would be happy to send some money your way.