"you're so lucky that i'm around..."

so the other night i had a bad night at work. like, so upset. so distraught. so hostile. so beaten. i came home and was the most uptight, worked up, pitiful thing i'd ever seen.

sundays are already hard. i get home at 7:40, hurry and get ready and have to leave and eat breakfast (i have to eat breakfast) by 7:50 (that's less than ten minutes to get out of my nasty scrubs and sagging face and try to get ready for church!). dan has meetings at eight that he must attend, so then i get to church (we share a car) and get to sit in the drafty foyer for an hour and welcome people and let the missionaries entertain me.

so last sunday i got home and hurried and got ready, snickers bar in hand for breakfast. and only had five minutes this time. i was teaching young womens during the first hour to top it all off. after my horrible, horrible night i didn't know if i would be able to teach with the Spirit. i was.. i hate to say this but i was filled with the horribly hateful feelings. i didn't know how i was supposed to go to church and teach my sweet young women. we got in the car, already running late, and as we started to drive away i put my head down on my knees and just started crying. it hit me. dan tried to comfort me but i was unconsolable. dan turned the car around and pulled back into the parking spot. he looked at my puffy red eyes with tears running down, pouty lips, and disgruntled hair and said "i'm going to skip my meetings. you are the most important thing to me." and that he couldn't just leave me that way. so we came back upstairs and he made me a smoothie and said a prayer for me and we talked about happy things and watched lds.org videos until i felt better. (click for the particular one i love)

and i did feel better! thanks to my sweet husband. thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ helping me let go of ill feelings (for a time, at least) and have the Spirit with me to teach.

[he's kind of like my knight in shining armor who rescued me from misery. oh, and in case you don't believe me... this picture is from the other day when he opened the door for me. he's too precious.]


  1. Oh Rachy, I hate hearing about such a tough morning. I can totally relate, I had a similar weekend. They are hard. I am glad Dan was so good to you. I hope you are feeling better, love you so much!

  2. I'm glad he did that. P.S. Jonah and I hang out in the Primary room from 8-9 and would welcome your lovely company.

  3. love this. so sad that your job is the worst/best/saddest. love you so.